Gardening days

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One of the best community project ideas is to get together and beautify your neighbourhood. If there’s a green space in your area that has seen better days, why not organise a group of volunteers to restore it to its former glory? You don’t need to be shoulder-to-shoulder to dig out weeds, pick litter, and plant flowers. Assign a patch to each household so that they can social distance while transforming it into something everyone can enjoy. Alternatively, offer to help out elderly or disabled members of the community with their private garden.

As well as encouraging people to care for the local area and bringing communities together, gardening has added health and wellbeing benefits – more important than ever during periods of restrictions and uncertainty. Green-fingered work can help to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as boost overall feelings of satisfaction.

Go virtual by setting up a dedicated events page on Facebook. Each person gets one dedicated post to promote themselves and show images of their work. Other members of the community can then connect and purchase items online.

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